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Q. Are Skin Juice Products Vegan?

A. Most of the products are Vegan, the only ingredients we use that might be of concern to Vegans are Beeswax, Honey and Milk Protein in Good Juice. In your Product Manual all Vegan products are marked with a symbol so it’s nice and easy to find them.

Q. What Skin Juice products are Nut Oil Free?

Skin Juice uses a wide selection of tree nut oils, seed oils and kernel oils in product formulations so every precaution must be taken to ensure that a thorough consultation is made with every client prior to a facial or body treatment. We suggest asking your client if they have any known allergies when making the appointment.

Nut oils Skin Juice use include Macadamia nut oil and Almond oil.

Skin Juice has released a list of products that do not contain the above nut derived oils. However, with severe allergies we do recommend patch testing products to ensure safety before a treatment or home care use. While thorough cleaning procedures are followed, Skin Juice cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nut oils in products listed as all products are manufactured on the same equipment. We advise caution, as all allergies are serious no matter the severity.

Smudge Budge

Berry Fresh cleanser

Bio Juice hydra skin drink

Multi Juice balancing face tonic

Citrus oil control face cream

Good Juice green cream

Superfood face oil

Green Juice organic skin saver balm

Re Juice recovery face oil

Bright Eyes oil repair

Eye Love Juice

Sun Juice daily SFP 15 Juice C

Vitamin C

Juice Level 1, 2 & 3

Plumberry Peel

Mango Mud

Zingy Zest

Nod Off

Q. Can clients use products with Salicylic Acid during pregnancy?

The recommended amount of topically applied salicylic acid during pregnancy is less than 1%. Both Liquid Clearing Serum and Pulp Detox Cleanser contains 0.5% Salicylic acid and are considered safe for use during pregnancy. 

Some other products within the range also use salicylic acid within the formula at a very low percentage as a pH adjuster. 

During pregnancy we recommend Liquid is best applied to targeted areas only. During pregnancy the skin may be more vascular meaning that it could be more prone to increased sensitivity and irritation. 

Green Juice balm may also be a good option to use as an alternative to Liquid for a healing booster at night if the client suffers from any sensitivity or would prefer not to use the Liquid.

Q. Are all Skin Juice Products safe to use during pregnancy?

Skin Juice is safe to use during pregnancy and has been used on Mummy’s to be for the last two decades.

However, there are a few products that pregnant women may decide to avoid during pregnancy.

The recommended dose of Salicylic Acid during pregnancy is no more than 1%. Liquid and Pulp both contain Salicylic Acid at the safe level of 0.5%. However, if unsure or worried about the this, we recommend just steering clear of these two products. 

Juice Drops is another product that, although safe during pregnancy, has a higher concentration of Essential Oils and might be best to not use during pregnancy as the skin can become more sensitised. Berry Body Oil is a pregnancy safe option for any mum looking for a body oil. 

Facial In A Jar - Plumpin Pumpkin and Facial in a Jar - Purifying Pineapple contain a botanical alternative to Retinol and while there is no data to say that it would be harmful during pregnancy, we do recommend steering on the side of caution and avoid using it during pregnancy.

Facial in a Jar - Brightening Berry is safe to use while pregnant.

Q. Can I use Skin Juice on clients who are allergic to Aspirin?

We would advise extreme caution if you have an allergy or sensitivity. Willow tree bark is the raw ingredient in which aspirin and salicylic acid is derived. You will need to avoid all products containing salicylic acid to be safe. Salicylic acid is used in very small amounts as a PH adjuster in some of our products.

Products that do not contain salicylic acid to the best of our knowledge:

Smudge budge

Drench cleansing

Multi Juice

Green Juice

Superfood face oil

Mango mud

Infusive peel mask

Good Juice

Flower Juice

Sun Juice SPF

Q. Are the products made in Australia?

Skin Juice is 100% Australian owned and manufactured and products are made fresh in our very own Juice Lab. This means we are involved at every touch point of the product journey and know exactly what goes into your products.

Q. Does Skin Juice test on animals?

A. No. All Skin Juice products are completely cruelty free and are not tested on animals.

Q. What preservatives do Skin Juice formulations use?

A. Skin Juice uses a variety of different preservatives systems, depending on the individual product formulation and what we consider to be the healthiest option for the skin. We make no compromises on what we put in our products and are passionate about giving customers the healthiest option for their skin so we use either ecocert preservative systems, which are sustainably sourced, or food grade preservative systems.

Q. What is the shelf life of Skin Juice products?

Skin Juice products have a shelf life of 12 months unopened and 9 months once opened from when the products are received.

The products are manufactured in-house by our own production team so the product turnover is very quick. Skin Juice will not compromise on the quality, efficiency and safety of the products and fresh batches of products are constantly being produced. 

Q. Where can we find the full list of ingredients?

A. We understand the importance of knowing what is in the products you apply and recommend for your client’s skin, so here at Skin Juice we are 100% transparent with our formulations and provide customers with a full list of ingredients, which can be found on each product page on the website, as well as on our products. You can also access all the full ingredient listing in your Product and Treatment Manual.

Q. Are your products chemical free?

A. Chemicals are a part of life. Plants, animals, minerals
and water are all made up of chemicals, and that’s why we’re not claiming to be chemical free. However, our products are 100% free from synthetic chemicals. 

Q. Do Skin Juice products contain Gluten?

A. No, all Skin Juice products are Gluten Free.

Q. Why do some of the products contain an ingredient called “Parfum”?

The Parfum in the ingredient list is the legally registered INCI name for Naticide. This is an all-natural vegetable based preservative and is made from Vanilla and Almond extracts. This is not to be confused with your synthetic perfume or fragrance. As a manufacturer and retailer we are legally required to list all ingredients under either
their INCI or botanical names within the ingredient list. Parfum can also be used in some products within the market to protect intellectual rights when essential oils are being used.

Q. How long do the Travel Packs product last for?

A. Products within the Travel Packs will vary in regards to how long they will last. Some products are used only once a day, whereas others are used twice, so you will run out of some before others. On average, they should last approximately 3-5 weeks. Travel size bottles are also refillable so once they have been used up they can be refilled with full size product and re-used.

Q. How long do the products last for?

A. Full sized products will normally last on average around 3 months, but it is dependent on the product, how much is used and how often it is used.

Q. Why doesn’t Skin Juice have foaming cleansers?

Foaming cleansers contain detergents that dry and strip the skin of its oils.

The skin’s natural healthy oils are essential in keeping the skin soft, hydrated and functioning properly. The loss of lipids will expose the skin to irritation and bacterial infections. To compensate for excessive stripping the skin will produce extra oil to try to make up for what it has lost. This means, it can become oilier and more prone to breakouts. Your skin should never be left feeling tight and dry after you cleanse as this means it is left unprotected. Foaming cleansers can also disrupt the skin’s natural acidic pH, as soap is alkaline in nature. This can leave the skin more vulnerable to bacteria, making it dirtier and also risking infection.

Q. Why doesn’t Skin Juice have night creams?

A. While the skin rests and repairs at night it is important we nourish and hydrate it. Traditionally, heavy, occlusive creams have been applied to the skin at night to keep it feeling hydrated. However, these creams are rich in emulsifiers and heavy oils. While these can offer extra protection during the day, it is unnecessary at night. These types of formulations will sit on the skin’s surface and block its natural processes and healthy oil flow. Skin Juice uses bio-compatible oils and balms at night to nourish the skin, while infusing essential nutrients deeply into the skin via intercellular channels. These oils and balms are emulsifier free, meaning they leave the pores free of residue and allow the skin to go through its natural rebalancing process.

Q. What is the difference between a Skin Juice Skin Drink and a traditional toner?

Traditional toners are used to correct the skin’s pH after cleansing. All Skin Juice cleansers are pH balancing and therefore will not require an astringent or drying toner. Instead, Skin Juice Skin Drinks replace water that can be lost during the cleansing process and feed the skin potent antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

They are also used as refreshing tonics of a morning, providing the Skin Juice night nutrition has been used. Skin Juice Skin Drinks are free from alcohols or harsh drying ingredients and nasty irritating chemicals, instead they will purify, balance and hydrate the skin.

Q. Can you use Skin Juice with Microdermabrasion, Dermal Rollers, Skin Needling or other types of machinery including Galvanic or Sonopherises?

Skin Juice products are not specifically designed to work in conjunction with other electric facial machinery so we always recommend to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Skin Juice products such as Bio Juice and Green Juice balm can be used to calm and rebuild the skin following a more invasive treatment and some Skin Juice products can help to maintain and improve results at home with post-treatment and home-care products for clients. 

Q. Can I do Microdermabrasion in combination with the Nutra Peels?

A. We recommend not to use any other exfoliation methods such as scrubs or microdermabrasion with the Skin Juice Nutra Peels. As over exfoliating can cause a breakdown in the skin’s barrier which can lead to irritation, dehydration and the overall weakening of the skin. Hydration is essential in supporting the skin’s natural desquamation (exfoliation) process. A perfectly balanced skin should never require exfoliation, however due to the world we live in and the pollution, harsh sun, air conditioning, make-up etc that we are exposed to, then the skin does benefit from a level of exfoliation. We also always recommend that they are using the full Daily Diet at home to ensure their skin is supported while they are having the treatments.

Q. Can I use any Skin Juice products prior to doing IPL?

A. We do not recommend combining any of our Skin Juice peels or exfoliants with any further exfoliation, hair removal or resurfacing treatments. Some Skin Juice products, such as Green Juice Balm, can help calm and rebuild the skin following on from some of these procedures. However, we always recommend to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in regard to what products to use prior and following their procedures.

Q. Can you use steam in Skin Juice facials and offer extractions?

The reason we do not have Steam or Extractions in our treatment procedures is that too much heat, stimulation or even pressure on the skin can cause trauma or excess stimulation and sensitivity. This is especially true for a skin that tends to be most sensitive or fragile, or even more prone to redness and capillary damage. We always recommend to use caution and only offer these services to certain suitable skin types. 

We would never recommend to use steam on a skin that is reactive or over sensitive, and as a rule, never steam for too long. Never use steam with any AHA or Peel treatments such as the Juice Level Peels, the Pumpkin Peel or the Plumberry and take caution with further exfoliation and massage. 

Q. What product can be used as Nipple Balm when breastfeeding?

A. Green Juice Balm is a perfect product for these concerns to help heal, nourish and protect the area. Just ensuring that it is compressed off before feeding, so it is not ingested by baby.

Q. What to recommend for a client undergoing chemo and possibly radiation

Due to all the toxins being processed through the body, the skin will not be able to perform its normal functions and cellular turnover. Lipids can be depleted or compromised and the toxins can cause the skin cells to not shed as easily, increasing the urge for the client to want to exfoliate.

Healthy, noninvasive exfoliation is recommended to assist with removing sticky cells. The type of exfoliation is extremely important as the immune system will be weakened.

We recommend Facial in a Jar 2 x a week. This will give a gentle exfoliation while also providing anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, along with vitamin A (from Vit-A-Like, a botanical alternative to retinol) which has rebuilding properties to help heal the skin while it is going through so much trauma.      

For Daily Diet home care, we would recommend clients be treated like a sensitive skin type as they will be experiencing so much internal stimulation.


Exfoliate – Facial in a Jar 2 x a week

Cleanser – Smudge Budge

Tonic – Bio Juice

Night Nutrition – Green Juice balm (this will be their best friend)


It is very important not to cleanse in the morning as this will help to rebuild healthy bacteria. Water and a Spud is fine.

Tonic – Bio Juice

Day Quencher – Quench Juice and/or Tinted Sun Juice if they would like coverage or extra nourishment.


For a treatment we would recommend to do a calming, rebuilding processes.

Cleanse – Smudge Budge then gently remove.

Tonic – Bio Juice (you could apply this with cotton pads to help remove any remaining Smudge.

Exfoliate – Facial in a Jar then gently remove.

Tonic – Bio Juice directly on the skin.

Mask – Infusive Peel Mask then gently remove.

Moisturiser – Green Juice Balm, you could perform a gently massage with this also.

To finish the facial, you could leave the Green Juice balm on or remove and finish with Tinted Sun Juice.

Q. What products can help with solar keratosis?

We would recommend really focusing on strengthening your skin’s barrier function to minimise this condition. Smudge Budge will be the best cleanser to deeply cleanse and provide healthy oils, Bio Juice will ensure the skin has adequate water to allow the skin cells to shed and Green Juice is the best Night Nutrition to deeply heal and nourish the skin.

Sun Juice SPF15 during the day is very important to help stop the condition developing further. This could be layered over a Day Quencher or used on its own. Facial in a Jar once to twice a week will provide gentle exfoliation to help resurface the skin.

Q. What is the best way to treat milia?

In regard to milia, this can be a tricky one to treat, especially around the eyes, however you can be more targeted on the forehead. The first step is to ensure they are on the correct Daily Diet to ensure the skin is as healthy as possible so cellular turnover is happening at a healthy rate. Products such as Smudge Budge and Bio Juice will help to soften and breakdown the hard oils causing the milia. Facial in a Jar will also help to refine the skin and allow them to naturally expel. Internal essential fatty acid will help to prevent further milia occurring. Also ensure they are not using mineral or synthetic oils in their makeup or skin care as these will clog the pores and increase the occurrence of milia.


In regards to a salon treatment we would recommend the Pumpkin Peel as this will help to refine the skin to help cell turnover while also working on plumping and hydrating.

The Pumpkin Peel uses a combination of different AHAs; which are water soluble acids such as Malic and Glycolic and break down the glue holding the dead skin cells together, and BHAs; which are oil soluble acids such as Salicylic and Mandelic (Mandelic actually has both BHA and AHA properties) and work on refining oil and unblocking any oils trapped within the pores. In addition to this, Enzymes from Pumpkin and Pomegranate digest the loosened skin cells and even skin tone. Pumpkin Peel also contains some amazing nutraceuticals, such as Vit-A-Like, which is a botanical alternative to Retinol and helps improve cell regeneration and renewal, as well as Trealix, which helps plump and hydrate the skin, helping with the skin’s natural exfoliation process. 

Q. Does Skin Juice offer samples?

A. Skin Juice does not produce sample sizes of their products. Instead we recommend our salons offer a ‘Taster Facial’ to clients who are wanting to experience the products. This is a simple, quick
and low cost facial with the aim of prescribing the essential products that the client needs and walking them through their daily skin routine throughout the facial. We recommend making the cost of the facial redeemable off products purchased on the day to motivate clients to purchase home care (you are able to set your own perimeters).

Q. Can I get samples for my clients to try?

A. Skin Juice does not produce sample sizes of their products. Instead we recommend our salons offer
a ‘Taster Facial’ to clients who are wanting to experience the products. This is a simple, quick
and low cost facial with the aim of prescribing the essential products that the client needs and walking them through their daily skin routine throughout the facial. We recommend making the cost of the facial redeemable off products purchased on the day to motivate clients to purchase home care (you are able to set your own perimeters).

Q. Can my business have exclusivity?

A. Skin Juice predominately does not offer exclusivity to stockists. If a salon is consistently making a large commitment to the range we are able to look at putting an agreement in place.
 One of our key growth strategies is Brand Awareness and making the range more accessible to the health conscious and natural minded market is important. Having multiple touch points within the market will enable Skin Juice to become even more profitable
for our salons. In saying this, we are very mindful where we position stockists and are careful not to position performing stockists next door to each other.

Q. Does Skin Juice have reps on the road?

A. Skin Juice does not employ sales reps on the road. The main reason for this is so we can retain profitable margins for our stockists and an affordable retail price for the customer. Instead, we have virtual reps who can offer professional support and information via Skype, phone, email, newsletters and social media.

Q. Are there any minimum monthly orders?

A. Raw Earth co doesn’t have any minimum monthly or yearly spends. Following on from an Opening Order, the minimum order amount for wholesale stockists is $200.

Q. Can I sell the products online?

Raw Earth provides stockists with the opportunity to sell online. The stockist must agree to the terms and conditions and adhere to the Online Selling
Best Practices set out by Raw Earth co. These practices regulate the online experience to ensure the customer has a positive brand journey and the highest level of customer service.

Q. How is Sun Juice different from other sunscreens?

Sun Juice will not only offer your skin natural daily sun protection but it is also jam packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and Omegas.

It also contains natural Zinc, which is non-nano particle and super healing for sensitivity, breakouts and acne prone skin types.

There are two types of sunscreens, Chemical Sunscreens and Physical sunscreens.

Sun screens with higher SPF rating usually contain irritating chemical UV filters. Sun Juice provides the skin with safe mineral and physical protection.

Sun Juice is a healthy, nourishing and protective daily sun screen.

Sun Juice can be used alone as a day moisturiser or layered over your day quencher and provides healthy daily nourishment for your skin.

Q. What is the percentage of zinc in Sun Juice SPF?

A. Sun Juice contains 10% Zinc oxide + Sunsil Tin50 which is an Ecocert approved SPF booster in sun care formulations. Sunsil Tin50 consists of Titanium Dioxide. 

Q. Are the packing chips in my order biodegradable?

A. The packing chips used in Raw Earth co orders are biodegradable and will dissolve in water, they can even be placed in your compost as they are made from potato waste and are not Styrofoam. We will also recycle and reuse other packing materials or fillings that we receive from other suppliers to protect products in transit and reduce waste where possible.

Q. What do I do with my Mega Green Juice jars once we have used them in our treatments?

A. As Mega Green is available for retail we recommend recycling your Mega Green jars and setting up an amazing Green Juice display. Imagine a wall of Green Juice!

Q. The Sun Juice Pump is not working? What do I do?

Sun Juice actually utilises an airless pump, and sometimes air bubbles can form in the tube- either in transit or while in use- and they can stop the pump from working. The solution to this problem is to screw the pump off the tube, squeeze out the air, and replace the pump. In the link below you will also find a short video that illustrates the steps. https://vimeo.com/192992241/87734246bb

Q. My peel isn’t tingly, is it still working?

A. You don’t always need to feel a prickly sensation for a peel to be working, especially if you’ve had previous peels and your skin has strengthened to become more tolerant. The tingling you feel is due to the acidity of the peel. Even if you don’t feel a tingle you will still be receiving all the exfoliating benefits from the peel while the active ingredients are being deposited into the skin to hydrate, strengthen and plump. You can lower the ph of the skin by layering the solution. You can do this by applying one layer for 1-2 minutes and then apply a second layer over the top. Lowering the ph will increase the depth of the peel. This is not recommended if it is the clients first treatment and should only be used as a progressive method. The Pumpkin Peel should not be used in conjunction with steam, microdermabrasion or any other form of exfoliation.