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While we know you can’t trade in your salons at the moment, we thought we would share some of the other ways you can maintain a connection with your clients over this period.


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How to get sensitive skin healthy and glowing.

With the change of seasons and the weather starting to cool, many us will notice an increase in skin sensitivity.

Your Diet: Inside + Out

Understanding the nutritional value of food obviously has many positive benefits to the function and the performance of our bodies. Eating artificial or heavily processed food can leave us feeling sluggish and meh, whereas fresh fruit and veggies can give your body a boost of energy and vitality.

What exactly is an SPF?

Living in Australia means most of us grow up in the sun and from an early age we’re educated on how to be sun safe. From the good old Slip, Slop, Slap message right through to the consequences of too much sun exposure and the signs of sun damage to look out for – we’d consider ourselves a pretty educated bunch.

Physical and Chemical Sunscreens Explained.

Sunscreen is a critical step in any skin care regime to help you maintain healthy and radiant skin and it’s also one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to help slow the signs of ageing.

25 years of Green Juice - one healing balm, so many uses.

Our superstar Green Juice turns 25 this year. And just like a typical proud parent, I still find myself amazed and in awe of what this baby is capable of!

Goodbye Gifting Anxiety

Gift giving anxiety… Every year there is at least one person on my ‘to buy for’ list that strikes me with fear because they are either extremely hard to buy for, or they are extremely fussy, or even worse - a combination of both of the above.