We are excited to introduce our new Rewards Program where you are rewarded with a 5% rebate on orders placed through your online wholesale account in the form of Points. This new program will replace our marketing and tester policy, allowing you to spend your rebate on exactly what your business needs most.


How do I view my Points?

Your Points can be viewed at any time by logging into your Raw Earth co Hub account and selecting the Rewards bubble marked with a star in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. 

Once you open the Rewards bubble your Points can be seen in the top left hand corner.

IMPORTANT: Please allow 30min for your points to load on your account after each purchase or rewardable item is complete.


How do I earn Points?

Receive 5 Points for every $1 you spend; which equals a 5% rebate. 

For every 100 Points you earn you can redeem $1.

For example, accrue 1000 Points to redeem a $10 voucher. 

How do I spend Points?

1. Open the Rewards bubble marked with a star in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

2. If you have Points, you will then see a yellow Redeem button.

3. Once you select this you will see a grey bar with a yellow dot on it. Sliding the dot to the right will increase the amount of Points you are redeeming. If you would like to redeem all of your Points slide the dot all the way to the right. The voucher value is displayed above the bar.

4. The select Redeem. You will now see a code that you can enter in cart, or you can save it for later and it will be stored in your Rewards bubble at the bottom of the home screen under Your rewards. The voucher code will also be emailed to you.

*Only one voucher can be redeemed per order.

  Watch this quick video to learn how to REDEEM and SPEND Points.


What can I use my Points for?

Points could be used to redeem;

- Free products to use as testers

- Products to use as Staff rewards

- Free marketing material

- Products/prizes for VIP nights

- Products for charities you want to support

- Products to use for promotions

- Products to sell


PLEASE NOTE: You will no longer receive $10 free marketing material for every $350 spend. Instead you will receive a 5% rebate in your Rewards Points which can be redeemed on marketing material or any of the above examples. The more you spend the more you earn. These Points can be accrued overtime. 

A $350 spend = 1750 Points = $17.50
This is a 5% rebate.



- Points start 11am Friday 25th January

- Minimum amount of Points that can be redeemed is 100 ($1).

- Maximum amount of Points that can be redeemed per order is 30000 ($300)

- Points can only be acquired through purchases made via

- Points cannot be accumulated via phone or email orders.

- Rewards can only be redeemed on purchases placed via

- Rewards cannot be redeemed on orders placed via phone or email.

- We reserve the right to change or discontinue the points system at any time without prior notice.

- Rewards expire 6months after the date of accumulation. Once expired they can no longer be redeemed. 

- Only one voucher can be redeemed per order.

- Points are accumulated after payment is finalized; Points accumulated on the current order cannot be redeemed until the next purchase, if eligible.

- Points vouchers cannot be redeemed in conjunction with Gift Vouchers or discount codes. 

- Rewards cannot be deducted from shipping costs. 

- Rewardable order total excludes GST and shipping charges, along with any discounts and gift cards used.

- Points are only accumulated with product purchases.