Why less can be best for newborns.

If you are a new parent, something may catch you by surprise: your baby’s skin.

Why less can be best for newborns.

Nothing beats the sweet smell of your newborn’s head, or the way your child cups their hand in yours. These small moments can catch us completely by surprise, rendering us in awe of this little human being who has burst into our life.


If you are a new parent, something else may catch you by surprise: your baby’s skin. Given we’re fed so many adverts on countless media platforms depicting blemish-free baby skin; it can be quite a surprise, some weeks or months later, to discover your bundle develops a headful of cradle cap, or milk pimples on their cheeks.



Less is best

To address such ‘imperfections’, it’s often a case of the less intervention, the better.


Before bub reaches four weeks, their skin is developing its own oil supply and protective barrier. So limit baths to once or twice a week especially in the first four weeks and see this post here on why even water can be dehydrating for newborn skin.


After four weeks? This is when their skin needs to be nourished. Start to introduce products like Green Juice Balm and massage it into the skin. Green Juice is a multi-tasking recovery balm which can be used after four weeks of age, to help support the skin’s healing process. Areas of application include anywhere on the body, from head to toe – including the bottom to aid nappy rash, and the face to assist with healing dribble rash.


After four weeks of age you can also gently wash your bub with the Mummy’s Tummy creamy body cleanser instead. Apply it either directly to baby’s skin or add 1-2 pumps to the bath for a milky infusion.


Resist the urge to intervene

It’s super important to resist scrubbing your newborn’s skin during bath time, or immersing your little one into a soapy, sud-filled bath. Also try to resist the urge to add fragranced products and powdered products like talcum powder.


Why? Because they can be highly irritating and further increase the risk of nappy rash. These products might help to dry bub’s skin out, but that drying can lead the sensitivity so instead, try some nappy-free time and give that delicate skin a chance to breathe.


Many mixed messages

I’m sharing these tips because new mums are bombarded with mixed messages every day when it comes to the care of their baby, including their skin care. As a new mum, it can be difficult to know whether you’re doing the right thing, enough of the right thing, or even anything right at all.


All too often, mothers face pressure to ‘do better’. Rather than accept that their bub’s cradle cap for example, is likely to be a very natural part of their development – the pressure is still there to ‘fix’ it.  


Embrace normal

This is why I believe mums should be encouraged to relax more and not give into this pressure. Milk pimples are normal. Cradle cap is normal. So many other ‘skin quirks’ are also entirely normal, and will eventually run their course. Yet always be sure to see your doctor if you have any questions at all.


So...if you’re in the thick of newborn territory, and you’re reading this and nodding – please try to enjoy these precious early days and weeks. Yes, you will be sleep deprived and perhaps you’ll often feel overwhelmed too.


But remember to keep checking in with yourself to ensure any feelings of overwhelm don’t come from a place of comparison or lacking. There should be no pressure on you to ‘be’ anything, let alone to ‘fix’ the natural wonder of what are often very typical newborn skin changes.


Your bub deserves this mindset as much as you. And so too, do many other mothers who face similar unnecessary pressure.


Jo x


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