Skip the morning cleanse

How many times have you been told to cleanse morning and night? Well, I'm going to tell you to skip that morning cleanse and only use a cleanser at night - no matter what skin type you have.

Skip the morning cleanse

How many times have you been told to cleanse morning and night?

Well, I'm going to tell you to skip that morning cleanse and only use a cleanser at night - no matter what skin type you have.

This is something that I have been educating my clients on for over 22 years when I first created the Skin Juice Daily Diet, an easy and convenient skin care regime -

3 Steps at night

  1. Juice Cleanse
  2. Skin Drink
  3. Night Nutrition

2 Super easy steps in the morning

  1. Skin Drink
  2. Day Quencher

The night regime starts with a Juice Cleanse, followed by a Skin Drink and finishes with Night Nutrition whereas the morning is simply a Skin Drink and Day Quencher to complete the skin's daily diet.

As a Beauty Therapist with 26 years in the industry, I have always focused on natural and holistic skin care choices and I have seen the harmful effects from that "all-important" morning cleanse can have on the skin's natural barrier.

Of a night, the skin rests and natural oils and secretions such as sweat are excreted to help form a healthy acid mantle.

The acid mantle protects the skin from bacteria, environmental pollutants and moisture loss.The acid mantle is made up of natural oils, sweat and dead skin cells, and is slightly more acidic in nature to prevent these harmful contaminants from penetrating and damaging the skin while a healthy acid mantle will also aid healthy nutrient absorption.

When we cleanse in the morning you can naturally disrupt this process which causes the skin to become vulnerable to breakouts, premature ageing and sensitivity. 

I believe cleansing is the most important step but if you get it wrong a catalyst of negative reactions can occur.

Please note, it's very important when you don't cleanse in the morning to not use face creams at night as they will inhibit the oil and sweat excretions. So instead opt for a healthy face oil or balm layered over a serum at night instead.

So the bottom line, why no morning cleanse?

  1. Over cleansing the skin can remove the natural oils which are needed to protect and moisturise the skin.
  2. Cleansers remove sweat and dead skin cells which actually help to protect the living cells underneath from harsh pollutants in the environment.
  3. Providing a face oil or balm has been used at night, then there is no need to cleanse in the morning.

It may feel unusual at first, but your skin will start to respond positively to this new routine. 

In place of the morning cleanse, instead use a Skin Drink. The Skin Drink will ensure you start the mornings right by providing you with an instant hydration boost without stripping that natural defence barrier that your skin has worked hard to build during the night. 

Learn more about the Skin Juice Daily Diet in the Resource section here 



Help your clients start the year fresh with the

Juice Taster Facial 

Skin Types: Customisable for all skin types.
Benefits: A consultation facial aimed at educating around the Skin Juice Daily Diet.


At the beginning of the year everyone is looking for ways to improve their health. This is the perfect treatment for you to empower your client on the importance of a healthy skin diet and how to make healthier skin care choices every day to achieve sustainable skin health. 

This quick 20minute treatment gives you the opportunity to customise a Daily Diet for your client and to demonstrate how to use the products at home. 

A promotional idea is to build the Juice Taster Facial into a package with a take home Daily Diet regime or Travel Pack; or make the price of this treatment redeemable from products purchased on the day over $100 for example. 




This is the 1st step your client will do each night.
Use this step to explain the benefits of cleansing. Educate your client on how their skin should feel afterwards and the importance of only cleansing once a day. Highlight the importance of why they shouldn’t use anything that lathers or foams.




This is the 2nd step at night and will replace their need for a toner. Unlike toners the Skin Drinks will not be astringent or dry the skin. The role of the Skin Drink is to further cleanse and hydrate while replenishing lost water and feeding the skin with powerful antioxidants.




This will be the 3rd step at night. Skin Juice Night Nutrition products are 100% natural and are a blend of natural oils that are full of healthy nutrients that melt and absorb into the skin. At Skin Juice we do not recommend the use of face creams at night. 





This is the 2nd step in the morning after applying a Skin Drink. All Skin Juice Day Quencher product are rich in natural oils and are free from mineral oils or silicons. These hydrating face creams melt onto the skin to create a breathable, protective barrier




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