Goodbye Gifting Anxiety

Gift giving anxiety… Every year there is at least one person on my ‘to buy for’ list that strikes me with fear because they are either extremely hard to buy for, or they are extremely fussy, or even worse - a combination of both of the above.

Goodbye Gifting Anxiety

And I’m not alone. A quick discussion about this feeling in the Raw Earth co office yesterday and almost everyone in the team here could name someone on their list who was the catalyst to their ‘festive fear’.


And so that got us thinking of some gift solutions for the hard to buy for…



The Man/Men in your life

If, like many of our team, the man in your life appreciates a good brew, then give them the gift of a simple, useful and healthy brew to satisfy their thirsty skin.


Our Man Brew range has two products, a cleanser and a moisturiser – so it’s easy to choose and easy to use. Both of these brews are ‘full strength’ and use natural superfood infused ingredients to cleanse and moisturise the skin.


Keep is simple but manly and hopefully you’ll get a ‘happy grunt’ of appreciation.



Teen or tween girls

For lots of young girls, it’s a rite of passage getting your first skin care and foray into makeup. And while ‘kids’ seem to be more discerning than I remember being, they sometimes need a little helping hand.


That’s why we created this pack, to give a healthy little nudge in the right direction and give them a cheerful starter kit in the ‘Colour Me Happy’ pack. It includes a Juice Glow Duo (lip scrub + lip and cheek tint) to give them a natural and safe hint of colour, as well as a Smudge Budge cleanser to make sure they can gently clean their face at the end of the day.


If you want to go that little step further, consider adding a Sun Juice Tinted SPF 15. This CC cream not only provides protection from UVA and UVB rays throughout the day, it’s also a self-regulating tint that suits most skin types and provides subtle, natural coverage.



Got-everything Grandmas

After Christmas lunch is done and dusted treat Grandma to a gentle hand massage using a Healing Hands Kit.


Start by massaging in Perfect Paws to help smooth and nourish her hands with a fresh burst of skin quenching moisture. Perfect Paws also has a delightfully zingy lemon grass scent that will provide a bit of an energy boost.


Show her a little extra TLC and massage some to the Green Juice into the areas that need a little more attention, like the back of the hands and the cuticles.


It’s a beautiful moment for you to share with her, and she’ll think of you every time she uses the kit.



Random relatives or the spare gift… 

Whether it’s a surprise visit from a distant relative, a random ring-in or the neighbour that drops in with a gift you weren't expecting – it’s always good to have something on hand as a ‘just in case’ present.


Our Green Habit range is a great universal gift option and has the added benefit of being something you will also want/use if you don’t need to gift it. The Green Habit Do Good Body + Hand Wash is free from harsh surfactants, detergents and harmful chemicals and better yet, the packaging is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled itself.



Jo x

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