25 years of Green Juice - one healing balm, so many uses.

Our superstar Green Juice turns 25 this year. And just like a typical proud parent, I still find myself amazed and in awe of what this baby is capable of!

25 years of Green Juice - one healing balm, so many uses.

I originally created Green Juice as a 100% natural massage medium. Massage Butter, as it was called then, was introduced as a professional massage product to help me and other therapists maintain smooth movements throughout our massage treatments.

It was only after clients started reporting that their skin felt more moisturised or their eczema started improving that I realised there were some magic powers in this balm that really helped heal the skin – and this is when the Green Juice balm that many know and love was officially launched.

It is now found in many homes across Australia and has collected awards and accolades throughout the years. This balm is perfect for the entire family and can be found in school bags, bedside tables and desks. I’m always so excited when I see that flash of green come from handbags when I’m out and about.

After receiving many requests from our customers we introduced the family sized 200ml Mega Green Juice and also a smaller 15ml stick for use on-the-go.


The uses for Green Juice balm are many and varied – probably one of the reasons it’s so popular!

Here are some of our favourites:



  • A nourishing moisturising balm for the face or body. “I was a little sceptical to try a balm because I was worried it would be greasy, but this isn’t greasy AT ALL. My skin feels so soft after I put it on!” – Lisa.
  • Helps treat symptoms related to skin reactions, eczema and dermatitis. “Literally the ONLY thing that has actually worked (for my eczema). I will only be using skin juice on my face from now on :)” –Emma 
  • A gentle cleansing balm for the face, effective in removing heavy make-up and even face painting for children. 
  • Conditioning treatment for the hands, cuticles and nails.
  • A moisturising lip balm.
  • Healing treatment for cuts and abrasions. We even received some impressive feedback from a customer who used it to heal skin after a shark bite. 
  • Soothe babies bottoms from 4 weeks of age.
  • A healing after-sun balm.
  • Nurturing balm, safe for use during chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Strengthens skin after laser treatments.
  • Soothing balm for sensitivity, even itchy bites.‘”WOW this product is AMAZING! I  have suffered rosacea and sensitised skin since my forties and have spent thousands on products to no avail! This balm seriously works!” – Claire.
  • Post tattoo healing balm.
  • It can even be used as a healthy deodorant balm.


I hope you all continue to enjoy our award winning product and let us know if you find any other uses, we’d love to hear them!

Creator of Skin Juice

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